Virtual Orthodontic Consultation

Would you like to know if orthodontic treatment is right for you? Our Virtual Orthodontic Consultation can start the conversation for you! To begin, simply email Dr. Beisiegel a few photos and any questions you have regarding your smile. Dr. Beisiegel will review your photos within 24 hours and provide you with his initial recommendations on orthodontic care for your smile.

Use your cell phone camera and a friend or family member to help you take a series of photographs similar to the samples shown below. Quick tip – using your fingers or a clear plastic spoon to pull your cheeks to the side really helps with the side photos.

Then, click on the corresponding example images below to upload your photos to Dr. Beisiegel. This will help him best evaluate your smile. Don't worry if you can't take them all, just do your best and we can always ask for more information if necessary. We look forward to seeing your smile soon! When emailing your photos and concerns be sure to include:

Upload Your Smile Photo
Upload Your No Smile Photo
No Smile
Bite down and relax your lips.
Upload Your Profile Photo
Bite down and relax your lips.
Upload Your Overbite Photo
Stretch your cheeks and bite down naturally
Upload Your Upper Arch Photo
Upper Arch
Tilt your head back and take a picture of your upper arch.
Upload Your Lower Arch Photo
Lower Arch
Tilt your chin down and take a picture of your lower arch.
Upload Your Right Bite Photo
Right Bite
Bite naturally capturing your molars.
Upload Your Left Bite Photo
Left Bite
Bite naturally capturing your molars.


Additional Images (Please Select all photos to submit at one time, 4 max)

We will review your photos and get back to you as soon as possible.


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By sending a request for virtual consultation with email you are accepting the terms and conditions of utilizing non-encrypted email to communicate health information.